Phi Hex Φ3 30pcs



Phi Series Hex Cube 03

The Phi Series Hex Cube 03 model is a 6-sided low profile ABS pyramid type form designed for use on a tabletop, or it can be stuck to a wall with the adhesive backing removed. It comes in a white case with a black top and uses a 12-volt power supply that can be plugged into the mains to power it on. The installed plug type on the power supply is the US type head, another adapter is included in the package of which is the AU type plug. 2 other adapters are available of which are UK and EU types.

The Phi Series Hex Cube 03 model protects an area up to 90 meters in every direction and is suitable for areas exposed to medium to high levels of 5G. The Phi Series Hex Cube 03 will operate from 100 to 240 volts without a power adapter or voltage conversion adapter as this function is already built into the power supply.

The Phi Series Hex Cube 03 model is ideal for homes, small to medium offices and areas where a medium to large size area needs to be protected from medium to high levels of 5G. The Phi Series Hex Cube 03 only uses 12 Watts of power, so the cost to run it is very minimal. The Phi Series Hex Cube 03 can be plugged into a central location or allow 1 per floor for better coverage.

Operation is very simple, plug the power supply into a dedicated wall socket mains outlet and keep it on 24/7. Mount the Phi Series Hex Cube 03 on a table or shelf or use the adhesive on the back to stick it to a wall near the power outlet.

We recommend you purchase a Phi Series 01 Portable model for use between protected zones. This will maintain your level of protection while travelling to and from your protected zones.


  • Designed for homes and small to medium offices
  • Offers Medium to large area protection from 5G
  • Wall mounted or desktop model
  • Mains powered 12V power supply
  • Plug and play installation
  • Coverage 180m across
  • Size 100mm x 100mm x 35mm
  • Weight 150g
  • Power consumption 12W
  • Dual scalar output
  • Comes with a power supply (US and AU included)
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